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PRO members will receive two .xlsx files.

List of Lender Spreadsheet .xlsx template files

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PRO Version

Lender Spreadsheet Pro v2.0.xlsx is your main template file.
Mortgage Sample v2.0.xlsx
is a fully completed example.

Lite version

Lender Spreadsheet Lite v2.0.xlsx is your main template file.
Mortgage Sample Lite v2.0.xlsx is a fully completed example.

Saving your File

All you need to get started is to create a directory and save the two files in that directory.

  1. Create a directory called Mortgage on your computer. In our example, the folder we have used has the path C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Mortgage. You can create a folder anywhere on your computer with whatever name you want.
  2. Save the template file Lender Spreadsheet Pro v2.0.xlsx and Mortgage Sample v2.0.xlsx into the Mortgage directory.
When you have created the directory and saved the template file, you now need to copy the template file so you can use it for your loan(s). This way you always have the original template file. When you have copied the file you will be able to complete the main details in that file so that you can re-use it again for any other loans you have.

  1. Open the file Lender Spreadsheet Pro v2.0.xlsx and change the file name using File > Save As > Mortgage Template.xls (or whatever you want to call it).
  2. Open the file Mortgage Template.xlsx.
  3. When you have opened the file, go to the Setup worksheet and you will see a lot of boxes to complete.

Opening your File

If you now open the file you saved as Mortgage Template.xls you will see the first worksheet which is named Setup looks like this.

DON'T PANIC, it's not as complicated as it looks. We will now talk you through it step-by-step in the following sections.

Lender Spreadsheet Setup worksheet

Saving your Template

When you have entered all the relevant information under the LENDER DETAILS section, save your file.

When you have filled in the lender details on your master template, save a copy in the same folder.

When you are ready to create more files, simply open the Mortgage Template.xlsx template and save as mortgage1.xlsx, mortgage2.xlsx etc.

To make the following sections easier, save a copy of your file as mortgage.xlsx and we will use that to create your first loan.

Warning! on entering Dates


If you enter in any other format Excel might not see them as a date and that will cause errors.

Warning! on entering Numbers


Warning! on Copy and Paste

Copy and Paste can save a lot of time but it can also cause a lot of errors. Please familiarise yourself with the methods below.


Some merged cells will not allow you to directly copy from cells that are not merged. You will encounter this on the Setup worksheet and will need to manually type in the contents. There aren’t that many like this.

In order to copy successfully, we recommend that you do the following:

1. When you have copied from your spreadsheet or other document, instead of pasting directly into a cell in Lender Spreadsheet Pro, click on the cell but do not paste directly into the cell.
2. After clicking on the cell, click on the menu bar and paste directly into the menu bar.

Problems with cut and paste in Excel for Lender Spreadsheet example

An alternative method is to use the Paste Special function and paste as 'Values'

How to Paste Special in Excel

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