Amortization Schedule Template

New to version 2.0 of Lender Spreadsheet is a full Amortization Schedule.

This shows you all the key information you need to know for the entire life of your loan.

Key to the Amortization Schedule is the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) calculation. Learn more about APR and how we calculate it.

It is easy to print your Amortization Schedule or save it as a pdf file. Learn more about printing and saving to pdf.

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View your Amortization Schedule

The Amortization Schedule below is for the interest only example we are using in this User Guide.

Example Amortization Schedule for a loan of $125,000 at 7%

Amortization Schedule Options

There are two options for your Amortization Schedule.

  1. The ORIGINAL SETTINGS from when you originated the loan.
  2. The CURRENT INTEREST RATES showing any interest rate changes you have made since you originated the loan.

Click on the right-hand lower corner of the dark blue box to show the dropdown menu.

Dropdown on Amortization Schedule worksheet giving the option to change settings. Default option is the original settings when the loan was first originated

When you click on the dropdown you can choose between the two options.

Dropdown on Amortization Schedule worksheet giving the option to change settings. Choose the Current Interest Rates to change the Amortization Schedule to what the current interest rates are

Display Change of Interest Rate

In the example below still using our Interest Only example from above, there is an interest rate change from December 1 2021 from 7% to 6% which is now shown on the Amortization Schedule once the CURRENT INTEREST RATES option is selected from the dropdown menu. The Interest Rate change is shown from January 1 2022.

Amortization Schedule showing a change of interest rate from 7% to 6%

Fully Amortizing Schedule

In the example below, the example loan is now fully amortising over 30 years. As you can see this has completely changed the schedule and that there are now payments towards principal.

Example of a fully amortizing schedule in Lender Spreadsheet

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